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Monday, February 20, 2012

Things To Do Before I Die

  • See Paris
  • See anything (I’m blind)

  • Swim WITHOUT dolphins for ONCE
  • Milk one of God’s lesser beasts (bat, eel, etc.)
  • Climb a mountain (acceptable types of mountains: hard rock candy, Brokeback)
  • Go back in time and go to Hitler and be like hey come on
  • Tickle a bat ;)
  • Finally ask out Rick (he is so cute, he makes Brad Pitt look ugly and/or like a bat!!)
  • Stay up all night to see the sunrise or at least a matinee of Never Say Never 2: 3D Tweens in 3D
  • Get down to my birth weight (3 lbs. 546699 oz.)
  • Browse some sites
  • Rick, you said no???!
  • Build a ship in a bottle (a full-sized navy-sized ship in a baby bottle, this is gonna be tough)
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Sexually, I mean, under the HOLLYWOOD stars!
  • Rick I love you Rick
  • Organize my capes by “cape” and “cloak”
  • Dress a bat up in a bee costume
  • Get revenge on India
  • Get revenge on Marcus (Rick’s Maiden Name)
  • Mate a Labrador with another Labrador to create designer breed LabraLab
  • Make a “We Hate Rick” club (note to self: ask mom about using the kitchen/dining area as clubhouse/dining area)
  • Push Rick off a moving bridge
  • Die
  • P.S. Rick is a bat

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